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DWTS corsets wholesale Season 14: Week 4 Costume Critique Back to my critique of the dance costume designs…Of all the other costumes this week, none of the guys dressed ‘safe', which was refreshing to see. Except for the issue addressed in the last paragraph, I really enjoyed ALL the costumes. Near perfect, were Karina and Gavin, Marie and Derek, and then Cheryl and William. Then the rest of the contestants wore great costumes with just a few flaws. Besides the strap issue, my other pet peeve is the appearance of nude/naked breasts – lining a sheer mesh or lace over the specific points of my complaint makes me uncomfortable. Make it naked looking everywhere, except THERE (and of course the fig-leaf area and the ‘Norge repairman' area). Show all the cleavage you want (except you, Brooke) and create all types of naked areas, except the ‘no-no' areas, please. Doesn't this look nasty on Peta??? And you don't see this on Karina's costume, do you?

It was ROCK WEEK on wholesale halloween costumes Dancing With the Stars this week. It could have been really scary, but I was very pleasantly surprised. 80's rock? Loved it. Is there really any more over-the-top costuming than KISS? OK, it was really scary seeing the ‘wannabe' KISS costumes on ‘The Troupe'…whoa…don't try to dress as KISS without the accessories: shoulder and breast plates, capes, hair and makeup AND the platform shoes. The black skin-tight unitards on the boys, were nasty. The girls looked adequate, and for the Results show, the boys wore jackets and pants and looked OK. Whew! Brooke looked great in her leather and studs,and for the Results Show, Brooke went two for two, with another attractive black gown.

My favorite wholesale christmas costumes costumed couple this week, was the duo of Gladys and Tristan, while they performed their Tango! I thought both were PERFECT! Not only did the costumes compliment their music and routine, I LOVED the tribute to the strings on a guitar. I really enjoyed the really unique ‘tails' on Tristan's really stylish and edgy, nontraditional tuxedo jacket. I was wondering exactly what they represented, until I saw the guitar strings across the back of Gladys' costume, that then stretched down her black sleeve. Stunning! I've designed several costumes incorporating piano keys, but never guitar strings! They really made me smile. I loved everything about both of their costumes. The glittery black and silver dress was asymmetrical and oh, so fluid. The skirt was to die for, the neckline was stunning, and I thought it was perfect!The costumes that I hated this week, were worn by Melissa and Maks, for their Paso Doble. What??? I thought this was ROCK WEEK! Their costumes were weird (Maks) and unflattering and unattractive (Melissa), and did NOT fit with the theme for the week. Their costumes were traditional Paso costumes, but not done very well. The problems? Maks went traditional and I liked the shoulder detailing and the opulent gold beading and lace over sections of red for the jacket. But the pants were ‘off', with sections of the gold beaded lace tacked on, un-naturally on the sides of some tight black leggings. This was NOT a good look – I don't care that he was shirtless, the costume was just weird! I'm sorry that Melissa hit her head, but someone must have gotten hit in the head, on the costume design team. Row after row, after row, after row, of bulky white ruffles on Melissa's skirt. WHY? They didn't coordinate with Maks, or was it supposed to represent good and evil? Well, it just ended up being the bad and the ugly. A big improvement would have been to have a red skirt, with much less bouffant-ness.

I'm watching the Results Show, as I'm writing this, so…Insert lecture here…LOVED the black elastic straps and bra-backs on the Las Vegas DWTS cast routine. Can you argue with me? None of those stupid floating fronts of costumes (if we are to ‘not see' the nude elastics, and I'd rather not see these elastics because they are so ugly)!

The men's highlights included really long legs created bythe natural-waisted pants on Donald with a ‘spot-on' Jimi Hendrix-esque vest, a lovely Edwardian ensemble in black and purple on Gavin – including his hat! (And yes, I loved those looks on guys, back in the 60's!)

The women's highlights included Maria's ambitious ‘reveal' to a beautiful sheer mesh topped gown, the glitter zig-zag detailson the shoulders, wrists and hemline of Peta's dress, the shoulder padded details on Katherine's full-length catsuit with back skirt, and the beautiful ruched halter neckline and cowl drape on Chelsie's dress, including the chains used as back straps and belting.

All in all, the costumes were fabulous ‘eye candy' this week!
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