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DWTS long gown dress Season 18: Week 3 Costume Critique And rounding out the competition this week, were Candace and Mark, dancing the Jive. Mark was classy and cute in his blue velvet jacket with shawl collar, short-tight black pant, bow-tie, rhinestoned sox and blue suede shoes. Candace wants to always look respectable, and she succeeded, with her silver beaded-fringe dress of a ‘respectable' length. The midriff area of her dress did not have fringe, so her silhouette kept her slim. The ‘V' waistline was also a flattering detail. The only negative was the nude elastic straps instead of nicely beaded straps. Otherwise, Candace was beautiful, classic and of course, respectable! All the dancing this week, was definitely respectable!

No drama this week on ‘Dancing With swimwear manufacturer the Stars'! I think we all felt sorry for Billy Dee and his back problem, but I'm guessing we are all happy to see him and his uncomfortable dancing – go. (He made an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' last night…after days of Jimmy mimicking his dance steps…congrats to Billy Dee for making the appearance!)NeNe and Tony's bedroom Rumba was sexy and lingerie-inspired. The quips about Tony's bare chest were fun and well deserved, as yes, he left nothing to the imagination with his drawstring pajama pants. NeNe was covered with black mesh for a sensual and not overtly risqué look. Her covered costume was a wise choice by the costume department, as it gave the essence of a seductive boudoir outfit, but it was not trashy or uncomplimentary for this large-and-in-charge woman. She looked fabulous!

His powder costume manufacturer blue tuxedo matched Week #1's outfit. (Which made it sad…in ‘menopause blue' -a color fresh out of the early 1970's leisure suit era…also sad!) Emma's sheer, beaded lace crop top and skirt were not such a good look for her.But lots of emotion and tears, none the less, with our heart strings tugged when listening to many of the ‘Star's' stories and then watching them dance so beautifully.Generally, I enjoyed ALL of this week's costuming except for Billy Dee and Emma's.Peta and James Jive costumes were cute, yet sexy. Peta's mini-sweater over a silver stoned bra, bedazzled mini-pleated skirt and thigh-high stockings – I loved! James's plaid shirt, red tie, Docker-style trousers and nerdy glasses coordinated beautifully with Peta, and is a look ANY guy could put together and look great.

I LOVED Whitney's Jazz costume. And Cody shunned his drop-crotch trousers for an edgy version of a polo shirt (with a mini double-breasted and piped closure) ensemble. Whitney's high-rise shiny satin retro briefs were very 1940's. Her long, halter bra-top featured some retro ‘unmentionables' strapping which gave a really fresh look that this couple needed.

Danica and Val danced a heavenly Contemporary routine with Danica's ethereal semi-sheer, white double-georgette flounced, fluttery, floaty dress with a minimum of embellishment, but including rhinestoned straps. I did notice something weird going on…I think her leotard was tacked to the outer dress in several places, as I noticed that the dress didn't lay totally smooth. Val wore an appropriate and not totally boring white shirt ensemble.

Drew looked very dapper in his tailored gray suit that he wore for his Waltz with Cheryl. I especially appreciated the edging of rhinestones on part of his lapels. Cheryl wore a beautiful silhouetted, nude-toned, sheer mesh dress. I loved the shape of it, it was very flattering for Cheryl's fabulous, curvy body. BUT, the rhinestoned pattern was more than a little weird. It created a faux neckline that was way too skimpy. This is a case of the trim tricking your mind into thinking you are seeing something other than what is there. The trim placement gave the look of a VERY naked dress, and it made me uncomfortable. My photo here, doesn't show the lovely silhouette, but shows the scanty placement of the bodice rhinestones.

Meryl danced the Fox Trot in a sheer light blue, mesh dress. The judges described her dancing as a ‘delicacy' and I would characterize her costume as a delicacy, as well. But, as my ‘issue' with Cheryl's dress this week, I was uncomfortable with seeing through her sheer dress. She was obviously wearing a nude-colored leotard underneath, but the eye tricks you into thinking she is totally nude. The matching Alencon (French re-embroidered Bridal) lace was a beautiful embellishment for her costume, as it was exquisite. Maks wore black, with an interesting black satin cummerbund that had vest points on the front, rather than cut straight across as is the norm, with cummerbunds.

Amy tried out her new ‘swim' feet (they kept her on tip-toes) and the result was breathtaking! Her Contemporary shimmery silver-gray organza silk gown was simple, elegant, drapy and contemporary. Her entire dress was exquisite. Derek wore a non-costume, with his white knit shirt and gray pant. Amy's costume was my second favorite of the week, with Derek's being my least favorite.

My favorite costume this week, was Sharna's bright green Jive costume, with partner Charlie's green and black plaid, shawl-collared outfit. His trousers seemed to not match the green of Sharna's costume, as it looked more turquoise on my television monitor. His rolled up cuffs on his pant added to the contemporary feel of his retro, 1950's look. Sharna's cute little flippy costume had horsehair braid in the hems of the two layers of her circle-ruffled skirt. The woven ribbons creating her bodice was unique, and the trimming and shape of her costume was absolutely perfect…complete with REAL straps!

Bruno christened the night's dancing as ‘the best night of dancing in 18 seasons'. I would say the costuming was nearly the best…at least in the top 25%, anyway.
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